To Register your Team for the CanAm Midwestern Championships follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Download the 2016 CMCs Player Team Roster

Step 2: Fill out sheet electronically (at least the team name/contact info) and email electronic copy back to

Step 3: Print off Roster Spreadsheet, Mail Spreadsheet along with entry fee cheque to:

CanAm Underwater Hockey Gear
23231 Hubbards Road
Remington, Virginia 22734

Step 4:  Updated player/team rosters must be received by Jan 20th.  

All entries must be received before Dec. 31, 2015 to avoid $100.00 late fee penalty.

Step 5:  USOA/USAUWH Dues must be paid (for US residents) and USAUWH Waivers must be signed (by all participants) and submitted before the tournament begins.  Go to for more information.

Step 6:  The CanAm Waiver & Media Release Form must be electronically signed by each player before the tournament begins, and you can do this HERE:

Step 7:   No Waivers – No Play – No Exceptions.

Time Line:

ASAP- If you are planning on attending send me a quick email letting us know! (

December 31st, 2015- Deadline for entry fee, mailed checks must be postmarked by this date ($100 a team penalty if paid after December 31st).

January 10th, 2016 – Final deadline to participate pending available space, add $100 to team fee’s & Final Team Rosters required for all teams attending.

Tournament Director Contact Info:
David Kennedy
23231 Hubbards Road
Remington, Virginia 22734