Underwater Rugby Report – by Rolexi Pinzon


The 2014 edition of the CanAm Midwestern Championship was an excellent success.  For the first time CMC’s featured Underwater Rugby as a new and exciting sport on this edition and hopefully in the years ahead.

Played on the diving pool from the Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center, despite the length of the playing area, the pool was an excellent venue for the sport with 16 feet deep and goals at the bottom against the wall.

The Underwater Rugby competition featured both club and mixed teams from the US including the New Jersey Hammerheads, The Orphans (mixed team from Florida, DC, and TX), Team X (mixed team from CA, WI, MI) and international participation from Team Orcas from Medellin Colombia, participating with 3 teams (Orcas A, Orcas B with junior players and Orcas C with mostly experienced players)

The tournament for the six participating teams was design on one division with two Round Robins for Friday,Saturday and Sunday, and final games played on Sunday afternoon based on the positions from the Round Robin final chart.

Orcas B team, a mostly junior player team from Colombia, improved their performance after the first round robin, finishing  the second round robin games with better scores in all the games. Team X the mixed team with both new and experienced players from California, Wisconsin and Michigan ended up on 5th position. The Orphans Team with players from Florida, Texas and a few players from Colombian clubs got fourth place.

The New Jersey Hammerheads got third place against The Orphans team. During the two round robin games, they tied 1-1 and lost on the second game 1-3 against the Orphans team. But on the final game New Jersey won 3-2 in very exciting game, taking the bronze.

The final game was played between Orcas A and Orcas C teams from Colombia. Orcas C defeated Orcas A in a very close and exciting final game by 1-0.

All the teams were really happy with the organization, the pool and the venue. Each team got a great number of games (11 games during the 3 days of tournament). And the underwater Rugby Community in the US and Canada is looking forward to participate in future CanAm Tournaments.

The final rankings below:



1st Place – Orcas C (Medellin, Colombia)

2nd Place – Orcas A (Medellin, Colombia)

3rd Place – New Jersey Hammerheads (NJ)

4th Place – The Orphans (FL, TX, DC)

5th Place – Team X (CA, WI, MI, MA, QB)

6th Place – Orcas B (Medellin, Colombia)


1ST Place – Orcas C – 7 goals against

2nd Place – Orcas A – 11 goals against

3rd Place – New Jersey – 12 goals against


1ST Place – New Jersey – 42 goals

2nd Place – Orcas C – 40 goals

3rd Place – Orphans – 36 goals


1ST Place – Daniel Lopez – New Jersey – 19 goals

2nd Place – Julian Muriel – Orphans – 14 goals

3rd Place – Juan Tejada – Orcas C – 10 goals

Ramiro Barona – Orphans –  10 goals

2014 CMC’s Final Standings

Hi Everyone, just a quick update on the 2014 CanAm Midwestern Championships Final Standings.  We will have an official wrap up later in the week.

Underwater Rugby

1. Orcas C

2. Orcas A

3. NJ Hammerheads

4. The Orphans

5. Team X

6. Orcas B


Underwater Hockey

A Division:

1. Boondock Saints

2. Westside

3. Abusement Park

4. CAMO Elite & Friends

5. Midwest

6. Club Cincy

7. 95 Banditos


B Division:

1. No Where’s

2. CAMO Kick-Ass

3. From Russia with Love

4. Sturgeons

5. Chicks with Sticks



Captain’s eMeeting & Draw

This is the official Captains’ eMeeting for the 2014 CMC’s Tournament, we will not have an official meeting at the pool, if you have any questions, please phone or email me.  906-399-7857 is my cell.

Please read through the notes completely and carefully. Captains, you are responsible for making sure your team knows these rules


– Chief Ref is Veronique Seguin

-We will be using CMAS rules version 10.00 (available here: http://usauwh.com/info/ ).  All players are strongly encouraged to read volume 2 of these rules, at least.

-The following additions/modifications to the CMAS rules will be used:

All USA players must pay USOA dues and sign waiver (excluding foreign players), and everyone must sign CanAm Waiver and Media release forms. No team will be allowed to play a match until every member of their roster is in compliance.  Please go here  to sign the 2 CanAm documents:


-Appropriate color hat must be worn during play.  Ear-guards and straps excluded from color requirements provided they do not create confusion about hat color

-Wrestling headgear does not count as a hat – an appropriate color hat must be worn together with a wrestling headgear

-BLUE and BLACK are acceptable hat/stick colors when playing black/dark

-White and Yellow are acceptable hat/stick colors when playing white/light

-Ear and mouth guards must be worn.  Players will not be allowed to play without them, or will be asked to leave the pool until they have found appropriate protection.

-No body writing of any kind (except C, VC as appropriate)

-Observe venue rules regarding food, drink, glass containers on deck, etc.  Everyone please, team gear in the bleachers in the 2nd level, no gear on the pool deck or lower bleachers.

-Team rosters must be submitted before first game you play.  No modifications allowed after that point

-Players arriving late to a game must notify officials at officials table

-“C” and “VC” clearly marked on both shoulders of captain and vice-captain, respectively

-In-water coaches must not wear head gear and be in the center portion between the sub boxes.

-‘Minnesota Rule’ and ‘Dilly-Dally Rule’ apply for reffing.  Sign up refs (2 per team) before your game starts (Put your team’s names on the line of the game you PLAY, not the game you ref)

-Glove-color rules will NOT be enforced, but unsportsmanlike conduct infringements may be called if glove color is being used to intentionally mislead/confuse other players or officials

-Only active team captain (vice-captain in captain’s absence) may speak to officials during a match

-‘Colorful metaphors’ and other inappropriate language/gestures will not be tolerated, keep it clean peeps.

– In the court set up to film (large court), the black team is responsible for providing an extra person to film in the next game.


-Black starts on the guard shack side of the pool, white walks.

-Warm up: There will be warm up lanes in between the bulk head and the underwater rugby court on the dive well end.  There will be periods of time when this is not available.


– We will be using an automated timing system.  Change-over time between games is maintained by the computer, and games WILL start on schedule.  Teams and refs are responsible for being ready when the games start (refs not ready will incur dilly-dally rule penalties).  The game clock doesn’t stop.  The game clock will not stop for penalty shots.

Weekend Schedule:


7:45-8:00am Warm up

8am-3pm Tournament Play

6-10pm at Tournament Hotel – Level 1 Refs Course

7-9pm – Introduction to Rugby at Tournament Hotel.


9:45am-10am Warm Up

10am-6pm Tournament Play

7pm-till?  All you can eat pasta buffet

7:45-8am Warm Up

8-3pm Championship Play

3pm – Court tear down, please all hands on deck to help move barriers out of the pool and move the courts around.

3:30pm Pool Side Team Awards for Underwater Hockey & Rugby

7pm -Till?  Banquet/Party/Dancing

PLEASE at all times be considerate to other facility users and facility staff. Our tournament depends on it!

Thank you!!

Steven & Rachel
Tournament Hosts

Introduction to UW Rugby

There will be an introduction to Underwater Rugby course at the Tournament Hotel from 7-9pm on Friday night.  We would encourage as many people to attend and see what this cool sport is about!!!

We will also have a time slot on Saturday and one on Sunday to do a beginners game/clinic for anyone who is interested in Underwater Rugby.  Please sign up at the gear table during Friday.


Referee Level 1 Course

There will be a full Level 1 Referee Course being taught on Friday Night at the Tournament Hotel from 6-10pm.   It will be held in one of the smaller banquet rooms close to the entrance way.

This course will be taught by Carol, Vero, Nicole & Katy.

There is NO cost for this.  Please sign up at the pool on Friday, at the Gear Table.



UWR Teams Registered

Underwater Rugby Teams

1. Orcas A

2. Orcas B

3. Orcas C

4. NJ Hammerheads

5. The Orphans

6. X Team

UWH Teams Registered

A Division

1. Midwest A

2. Westside

3. Camo Elite & Friends

4. Abusement Park

5. 95 Banditos

6. Club Cincy

7. Boondock Saints


B Division

1. From Russia with Love

2. Camo Kick Ass

3. Chicks with Sticks

4. The No Where’s

5. Door County Sturgeons


More Info Coming soon… ~Steveo

New Sponsor – Northern Attire

Please welcome Northern Attire as one of our awesome Tournament Sponsors.  Please check their gear bags for Underwater Hockey out here:  http://www.northernattire.com/NorthernAttire/Gear.html

~Steveo & Rachel